【President's Message】

At Kurihalant, it is our mission to assume the role of a company that maintains the trust we have received from our customers as we perform our duty in the infrastructure of society.

In today’s world, as the seriousness of global environmental and resource depletion problems continue to become all the more apparent, a worldwide revolution is occurring in energy development. And in an age such as ours, as development of efficient systems to meet energy demands continue, responding to the necessity of new clean energy sources such as solar and wind energy, are major concerns.

It is within this frame of mind that Kurihalant has been laying the foundations for new and varied fields of energy production, such as our participation in the construction of large-scale solar power projects like the Kansai Power Solar Energy Plant, the first privately developed solar energy plant in Japan, established in 2011. Kurihalant is commencing research and development towards new methods of energy production using techniques which we have acquired through working in the fields of atomic and thermal energy, which will allow us to rise to the challenge of becoming a “total energy engineering company” that is ready to meet any and all demands for energy production.

At our core, Kurihalant is not just a group of engineers, but a total engineering service striving to increase our technology and product quality to a new standard that matches the viewpoints of our valued customers.