Research Facilities Department

Playing our part in the planning of global projects that aim for new, greener, energy sources.
Supplying advanced technological ability to research institutes that will deliver the future of cutting-edge technologies.

In cutting-edge areas like photovoltaic generation, superconducting DC transmission, fuel cells, and fusion, Kurihalant participates in large-scale projects led by major research institutes from around the world. We offer our accumulated technology and know-how in the hopes of reducing environmental impact, and contribute to these projects with the aim of achieving a green and ecological society.

We also provide technological support to further life science and the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility, which will aid in the development of new pharmaceuticals and medical materials. Working hand in hand with a great number of research and development institutions, we are helping to advance noble projects which will lead humanity towards a brighter future.

Superconducting DC transmission system

Kurihalant participates in research into superconducting DC transmission systems led by the Center of Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research at Chubu University. We provide technical support in measurement and other areas which play a part in the realization of an ecological society based on renewable energy.

Spring-8 synchrotron radiation facility

Kurihalant participated in the construction of the world’s most luminous large-scale synchrotron radiation facility, Spring-8, which is located in Harima Science Garden City, Hyogo Prefecture. We contribute to the development of a variety of fields such as material sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, environmental sciences, as well as their industrial applications.

Large helical device (LHD) construction project

In our Fusion Science Laboratory, Kurihalant advances the development of clean energy sources by using the principle of fusion, which is sometimes referred to as “solar power generated on earth.” We have participated in some of the largest-scale Large Helical Device (LHD) construction projects in the world, even achieving a world record in generating a high-temperature plasma for the longest time ever.

Photovoltaic facilities

In 1980 Kurihalant was quick to play a role in the production of the Sunshine Plan for new energy source development. In 2011 we were among the Japanese businesses which participated in the construction of the Sakai Solar Park, the first solar power plant constructed by private companies. We boast an established base in the field of photovoltaic transmission.

Fuel cells

Kurihalant developed a cogeneration system that collects the heat exhaust which accompanies fuel cells in order to raise the overall efficiency of fuel cell generation. The fuel cell heat exhaust usage system, which features a double-effect absorption and refrigerating machine, has achieved a general efficiency of 60% to 70%.

Sample Research Facilities Department Achievements

Gas turbine transmission system

Solar power

Waste-based energy generation system

Fuel cell power generation system

Superconducting DC transmission system

Large-scale Synchrotron radiation facility

LHD construction project