Information Communication Department

Constructing critical information communication systems that support air safety at Kansai International Airport and elsewhere.
Preparing control radar, radio communications, and other basic infrastructure elements to ensure safe airline operation.

At Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, and other airports and airways throughout Japan, Kurihalant constructs aeronautical radio navigation facilities to keep planes on the correct route. We install and maintain VOR/DME distance and directional information systems, ASR/SSR airport supervision radar, and ILS instrument landing systems.

Kurihalant prepares these radio systems – which act as lighthouse beacons of the sky - to help guide planes during take-off and landing, and communicate their positions to them while in flight to ensure safe and reliable sky traffic.

Antenna preparation

Work commences with on-site measurements and excavation, and then on to foundation construction and raising pylons. Once we build the necessary antennas and spread the cables, it’s time to put the radio equipment in place. Kurihalant handles these tasks with a level of sophistication that only comes with years of amassed technical skill.

Radio facility updating

When a radio facility that we have built reaches the end of its prescribed lifespan, Kurihalant updates the facility.
Kurihalant takes great pains to ensure that communication is not interrupted during update work through methods such as setting up a temporary pylon to work alongside the original.

Sample Information Communication Department Achievements

Kumamoto Airport

Kansai International Airport 06ILS site

Kansai International Airport control tower

Kansai International Airport GS site

Kochi Airport TSR site

Kadena Air Base remote transmitter

Kagoshima Airport ASR site

Hakone RCAG site