Industrial Plant Department

Realizing increased efficiency and energy reduction for industrial steel plants, chemical plants, and more.
Constructing reliable plant systems using electrical instrumentation techniques based on deep real-life knowledge.

The electrical and instrumentation techniques that Kurihalant has developed through our experience in creating power plants enable us to build reliable general industrial plants. We engineer plants to raise productivity and reduce costs. Kurihalant displays our comprehensive skills in unifying tangible and intangible aspects of plant making through a coherent system that covers from the planning stage through to design and construction.

As the need for independent power producers and the use of heat exhaust increases, we are also working on projects to provide for a variety of manufacturing plants in steel and chemical fields. We have also broadened our expertise to encompass electrical installations and maintenance work at environment-related facilities.

Industrial plant design

At Kurihalant we use the knowledge and techniques obtained from our power plant work experience to assist in designing and engineering electrical systems and instrumentation in industrial plants of all types. We aim for greater efficiency and energy reduction, producing optimal designs that meet the functional needs of individual plants.

Industrial plant construction

Kurihalant is able to swiftly and reliably build plants from the ground up by unifying our know-how in the tangible and intangible aspects of construction. From the construction stage, electrical systems and instrumentation, to completion and beyond, Kurihalant carries out total construction on an enhanced level.

Industrial plant maintenance

Even after plant construction is completed, our engineers meticulously supervise and carry out the necessary maintenance in order to ensure quality and reliability.
We ensure reliable plant operation by way of our unified system which encompasses everything from planning and design, procurement, construction and test operation, through to all necessary maintenance.

Sample Industrial Plant Department Achievements

Kobe Steel Nadahama Construction Center

Kobe Steel Kakogawa Steel Mill


Takara Shuzo Matsudo Plant

Mitsui Chemical Kashima Polypropylene Plant