Business Guide

Focusing on power plants, Kurihalant provides national and international services across a wide range of fields, from general industry plants to electrical, mechanical, communications technology, R&D, international business, design, technical development, and manufacturing.

Power Plant

Assisting in reliable energy for the highest technological capabilities and speed.

Electrical Facilities

Delivering acclaimed design and the highest level of construction technology to keep up with today's evolving urban infrastructures.

Industrial Plant

Devising effective systems that take into account the total plant from a wide perspective.

Construction Machinery

Realizing technologies from plant pipework to in-house power generators and precision machinery installation.

Information Communication

Upgrading and enhancing aeronautical radio navigation facilities to ensure safe and reliable air traffic.

Research Facilities

Participating in global cooperation for technical research to bring cutting edge technology to life.


Kurihalant offers our cultivated high-tech experience and abundant knowledge to the world.


Smooth execution comes from designs steeped in thorough knowledge of plant construction sites.

Engineering Development

Total engineering realized through a unified system, handling everything from technical development to manufacturing and deployment.