Engineering Development Department

Comprehensive engineering unifying tangibles and intangibles from engineering development to manufacturing and construction.
Achieving highly functional craftsmanship through our unique unified system.

In the fields of process, environment, and energy, Kurihalant demonstrates creative product-making that fits with the market's needs. We also have a great number of achievements in fields like plant piping/HVAC design and manufacturing, as well as plant prefabrication and on-site set-up. Our manufacturing and construction abilities form a unique unified system that allows us to meet customers' wishes at the highest level.

For example, we are able to comprehensively plan, design, produce, assemble, test, mount, and maintain instrumentation/control devices, power switchboards, and control panels, plant/device/machine pipework, wiring, fixtures, fittings, and measurement devices.


Kurihalant's centers of craftsmanship in Itami and Ako are ISO9001 quality management certified.
In the construction of every type of plant, we demonstrate a high level of engineering skill in which our design, construction and manufacturing departments act as one.

Technology development

Kurihalant develops process-related technologies for many types of cogeneration systems, cooling and deep-freezing facilities, ventilation facilities, vacuum exhaust facilities and related facilities.
We do energy-related work with new energy technologies and a variety of testing facilities, helping to plan projects that pave the way to the future.

Environmental technology

Kurihalant deals in waste disposal facilities, human waste disposal, water treatment (purification, sewage treatment, toxic water treatment) and other related matters. By developing such technologies we are able to help construct a green recycling-oriented society that conserves energy and other resources.

Flatness meters/on-site adjustment

We have developed precision flatness meters for use in steel mills featuring triangulation measurement sensors which utilize cameras and lasers. We also conduct on-site adjustments.
By feeding the measurement results back into the roller, we can correct uneven pressure and raise the quality of steel plates.

Development articles, new projects

Kurihalant has used the expansive technical skill and know-how amassed during plant construction to develop new technologies and products which perfectly match market needs.
We develop our own original products like the Aqua Monitor, a device which measures the amount of water in fresh concrete; and Ice Shot, a washing device that cleans with the power of ice and air.

Technician dispatch service

We loan out certified veteran technicians proficient in electrical, instrumentation, pipework, machines, ventilation and quality control.
Also available are specialized engineers such as operational managers in design, quality control, construction management, test operations, and maintenance.

Sample Engineering Development Department Achievements

Gas condenser

Control panel

Thyristor deionized water cooling system

Vacuum evacuation system in LHD at NIFS

Low-concentration tunnel exhaust-gas denitrifier

Technician dispatch service

Flatness meter (camera/laser)

Aqua Monitor