Electrical Facilities Department

Kurihalant demonstrates reliable electrical expertise in dealing with diverse urban needs from major commercial facilities to condominiums, high-rise office buildings, highways, hospitals and educational facilities; and contributes to the creation of a new era of urban environments.

Social needs are continuously evolving. These needs range from reducing carbon emissions and other environmental issues, to integrating urban functions, providing due consideration for medical, social welfare and other human care services. Kurihalant understands the changes occurring in our day and age, and always respond to diverse customer needs with the newest and most advanced electrical facilities technology.

Kurihalant provides electrical facilities and optimal systems for such places as major commercial facilities, high-rise office buildings and condominiums, highways, public hospitals, educational institutions, cultural facilities, and all other facilities that support urban functions.

Commercial facilities

Kurihalant provides electrical facilities for suburban outlet malls, smart high-rises, and all other commercial facilities.
We demonstrate our technological prowess in halls, convention centers, multiplex cinemas, and other public urban gathering spaces.

Medical/social welfare facilities

Kurihalant also handles public hospitals, geriatric healthcare facilities, and other areas where demand is rising with the advent of an aging society.
The electrical facilities we provide for these medical and social welfare facilities help to construct a society wherein all people can live in good health and peace of mind.

Public facilities

Kurihalant handles electrical facilities for highways, bridges, stations, other transportation facilities, universities, and research facilities. In places like civic centers and gymnasiums, we handle comprehensive construction that encompasses lighting, ventilation, and sound systems that match with the objectives and uses of each venue.

Urban development and redevelopment

Kurihalant helps plan major redevelopment projects aimed at urban centers.
We establish electrical facilities for high-rise condominiums and offices. In the renovation and conversion market, we create the newest techniques to renovate and effectively utilize existing facilities.


We strengthen major buildings, commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, and other public facilities against earthquakes.
Kurihalant makes facilities safer by greatly increasing their ability to resist earthquakes, and ensures that facilities meet today’s standards through refurbishing and other forms of construction.

Sample Electrical Facilities Department Achievements

Nagai Stadium

Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare General Center for Occupational Safety Health

Makuhari Housing

Fuji Television Headquarters Building

Minoh City Hospital

Wakayama Hashimoto Gymnasium

Shin Umeda City

Osaka Craft Park

Kyoto Prefectural Agricultural Resource Research Center

OBP Sumitomo Seimei Izumi Hall

National Center for Stock Enhancement, Fisheries Research Agency, Osaka Prefecture

Yodogawa New Bridge

Intex Osaka

Event Hall in Shinyokohama

Amagasaki City Central Library

Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

Belle Face Amagasaki

Good Time Living Amagasaki Shintoshin

Utsubo Honmachi Building

Tanabe Management Consulting Headquarters Building

Neyagawa On-call Dormitories 1

Laurel Square Amagasaki

Haya Tunnel

Osaka Municipal Subway Line 8