Primary customers

Primary customers (In no particular order, honorifics omitted)

The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Institute for Environmental Sciences
National Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Toshiba Corporation
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
NGK Insulators Ltd.
JGC Corporation
Japan Nuclear Security System Co., Ltd.
Otec Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Kyowa Exeo Corporation
Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
Kyocera Corporation
Hokkaido Power Engineering Co.,Inc
Yurtec Co., Inc.
Tokyo Energy & Systems Inc.
Hokuriku Plant Services Co., Ltd.
Chuden Plant Co., Ltd.
Shikoku Instrumentation Co.,Inc.
Nuclear Engineering and Services Company
Mitsubishi Plant Engineering Corporation
MHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation
Kanden Geo-Re Inc.
Taisei Corporation
Takenaka Corporation
Asanuma Corporation
Hazama Ando Corporation
Cohnan Kensetsu Inc.

Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Hokuriku Electric Power Company
Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
The Japan Atomic Power Company
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
National Institute for Fusion Science
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Hitachi, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems,Ltd.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
IHI Corporation
Babcock-Hitachi K.K
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Shimadzu Corporation
Shimadzu System Solutions Co.,Ltd
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Chiyoda Corporation
Tokyo Bosai Setsubi Co., Ltd.
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Kubota Corporation
Iwatani Corporation
Kanden Plant Corporation
Tohoku Electric Power Engineering & Construction Co., Inc.
Tokyo Power Technology Ltd.
Chubu Plant Service Co., Ltd.
Hokuriku Electric Construction Company
Yonden Engineering Company, Incorporated
Jpec Co., Ltd.
JTEC Corporation
Nuclear Plant Service Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Plant Construction,Ltd.
Fuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd.
Shinko Engineering & Maintenance Co.,Ltd
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.
Obayashi Corporation
Shimizu Corporation
Nakano Corporation
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